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Amelia Griffiths

Healer /// Alchemist /// visionary

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You are an absolute miracle

The chance of you being born is 400 trillion to 1.

There is no one that has ever lived, or ever will live that is you. Ever.

That is something to celebrate, right?

You were born with a completely unique blueprint of how to live a life of radical aliveness.

Whether we work together in 1:! or in a group container, I am here to help you, explore the magnificence of who you TRULY are underneath the layers of ‘stuff that’s not yours’, and live an authentic life as the embodied, sensual, connected, magical human that you were born to be.

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“Amelia you are one heck of a healer, your potent power, your bold intuition, and your alchemy has awakened me in ways I couldn't even imagine. You are a very special woman and I am beyond blessed to have worked with you.” Jan

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You are creative, visionary, and entrepreneurial, and you are on a path of healing, exploration and expansion.

You know you have enormous amounts of untapped potential but have experinced some challenging experiences in your past which you are ready to heal and move on from.

You desire to truly experience this one wild and magnificent life, however there are blocks in the way including past stories, undesirable behaviour, deeply intrenched patterns, unhelpful beliefs, unprocessed trauma, and shame.

You are curious to explore your multi-dimensional self in a professional and loving space with an experienced practitioner.

You believe in magic and the possibility that the energy that keeps this enormous ball of Earth spinning in the middle of nowhere is vibrating out of each of your cells and is innately healing.

You are a 'yes' to trying new, profound ways of healing and alchemising the darkness into light.

You want to deep dive into your inner world to reveal your magnificence.

You are a FULL YES to working with someone who will see you, love you and give you all the tools to ignite your innate greatness.

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“When I contacted Amelia, I had no idea of the depth of the impact she would have on me; spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically. Amelia welcomed my entire being, faults and all. No Judgement.

Amelia did not fail to deliver, I have nothing but love and respect for her and the work we did together”. Nicola


I’ve been called a potent alchemical healer, a bold coach, a multi-dimensional mentor, a brilliant business mind, a visionary and one client liked to call me a ’sneaky witch’.

I have never fitted into any boxes however what I am more than anything is a very down to earth human being with a gift of being able to alchemise heavy dark energies into light.

My life experience has gifted me with laser sharp perception, wildly potent intuition and an ability to shine a light on the bits you probably don’t want to see (but the illumination of which will almost certainly lead to your liberation).

Woven within this is a magnetic sense of humour, which I believe is the greatest healing elixir of all. A client once wrote ‘Amelia will hold you in your darkest moments, and laugh with you until tears run down your cheeks’ and that pretty much sums me up in a nutshell!

Prior to this adventure, I created luxury businesses in London which was a wild cocktail of fabulous experiences, incredible learning opportunities and many many mistakes!

I have an unshakable passion for helping clients live a wild and precious life, full of fun, intimacy, connection and pleasure in all areas of life.

I’ve devoted the last 10 years of my life to living and breathing the healing arts and I have helped hundreds of clients step into their magnificence.

My clients tend to find me when they are ready.

If you feel called, I would adore to guide you.


MOre about you.....

“I’ve already had two UNIMAGINABLE breakthroughs, I can’t wait for the next”. Lucy

MOre about you.....


Combining ancient wisdom, modern healing practices and a good dose of mystery and magic, I will support you to...

Alchemise deeply rooted heavy stories into gold so that you can live an joyful life.

Heal the shame, judgment, fear, and guilt of your body, pleasure, and sexuality so that you feel intimately connected to yourself and therefore others.

Ignite the rich wisdom, guidance and inspiration of your inner world.

Connect to the Spirit of your Business to receive guidance, strategy, abundance and flow that is unique to you and your offering.

Ignite and integrate your feminine and masculine energies for healing and evolution.

Connect to your divinity/The Universe/God in a grounded, magical and imaginative ways.

Manifest your dreams into reality using intention, magic and sexual energy.

Explore your eros, pleasure and body in a professional, safe and consensual environment.

Modalities we’ll work with

  • Energy Alchemy
  • Inner world journeys
  • Coaching
  • Spiritual guidance
  • Embodiment & somatic practices
  • Ritual & Ceremony
  • Magic
  • Sacred sexuality and tantric practices

Experience and credentials.

2023- Trauma Informed Somatic Group Facilitator- The Field Facilitator Training (complete Dec 23')

2023- Soma Mystica (complete Dec 23')

2022- Founder- Temple & Wand

2022- Facilitator - Ritual Eros

2022- Assistant- Art of Love - Tantric Massage Course

2021- Teacher/ Facilitator- 12- The Experience

2021- International School of Temple Arts- Sexual, Spiritual, Shamanic Initiation - Level 2

2022- Cultivating Kundalini- Byoni De Souza

2021- International School of Temple Arts- Sexual, Spiritual, Shamanic Experience - Level 1

2021- 'She's Lost Control'- Workshop Leader

2021- 'She's Lost Control'- Workshop Leader

2020- 250 hour Tantra Therapist/ Sexual Healing Training - Art of Love

2020- Sacred Temple Arts- Dakini Training- Art of Love

2020- 200hr Yoga Teacher Training- Frog Lotus Yoga

2018 - WonderFULL Women workshop creator

2018- 2020- General Manager of 'La Finca Paradiso'- Eco- Sanctuary for Healing and Creative Arts

2017- 2018- Duty Manager at Suryalila Retreat Centre

2016- 200hr Yoga & Ayurveda Teacher Training- Lakshmi Rising School of Wellness

2016- 2017- Various volunteering roles in healing centres

2005- 2016- Various senior management roles in leading luxury companies including Quintessentially, Scott Dunn, Salamanca Group.

2005- Ba Hons Sociology Newcastle University

MOre about you.....

Contact me amelia at ameliagriffiths dot com